Help ! Baby daddy is ***

Maddison - posted on 06/09/2014 ( 5 moms have responded )




In need of advice how to handle a worthless baby daddy , found out I'm expecting in early Feb 2015 the father of my baby is 16 years older professional attorney with two children from previous marriage , he has begged me not to tell anyone about the pregnancy & have an abortion I clearly have refused now he is leaning for me to leave town & move 7 hrs away & go thru with a closed adoption I also think that would be a terrible experience for myself & child I told him I would look into an open adoption but I can't go nine months in a strange town with no family & friends & give my baby to a random family & never see them again solely for him , In fact the more he pressures me to sweep my child away like they are nothing the more my mother instincts kick in & make me want to tell his sorry ass where to go! How can I explain to my baby if I do put them up for an open adoption your father was 36 with two kids but didn't want to be your dad ? That's why I gave you up, seriously makes me feel so small. & if I do choose to keep the baby I worry the father will never step up & help raise the baby & they will be abandon by him while he raises two other children just the idea makes me furious. I'm giving up college for a year & my body to give my child life & I feel like I can't do anything remotely right I will always put my child before their father. Any advice or experience for how to handle this a**hole would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you Moms!


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Tanya - posted on 06/11/2014




He's attorney...he should of thought of this before sleeping with a 20 year old...take him to court.

Take him for all he's got and keep the baby if you really want it!

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/10/2014




Get an attorney. When child is born, establish paternity, and take him to court.

Onetraeh - posted on 06/09/2014




take him to court!if he does not want to be a father to his child tht's fine but he is financially responsible for him/her;also it's ridiculous for him to tell u to put your flesh & blood up for adoption p.o.s.I hope tht u have some family close to u or any support becuz this will be a difficult (but so great!) time;I hope u take yourself back to college whn you're able.& the next time u have unprotected sex make sure it's with someone honourable!ugh some of these men r just really pathetic

Dama - posted on 06/09/2014




I do feel for you. It is so sad that he doesn't want to take the responsibility of your child. You have to be strong and do what is right for you and the baby to be born. My dear it is not going to be easy but stay strong and healthy for your child will be a blessing to you despite his father rejecting the pregnancy.
I would suggest that if it were possible you would move far from him and try to stay away from him because that is what he is suggesting but God will help you through the difficult situation you are going through,

Cindy Noel - posted on 06/09/2014




Is he still married, and does not want to get caught?? How long have you known him, and has he led before?

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