HELP! BF baby wont take a bottle/cup and I need to leave her overnight

Jessica - posted on 06/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have been exclusively BF my daughter for 6 months now, she took a bottle when she was first born but since then has completely refused anything other than my breast. I have never seen this as a problem so never really pushed her, however in just over a week I need to leave her with My mum overnight and am now really panicking that she is not going to feed and will be really hard work for my Mum. I have tried all sorts of nipples and sippy cups and she takes a few sips from a sippy but thats it, I have been giving her a cup several times a day for weeks now and she just doesnt seem to drink from it. She is well on solids and eats fairly well but I am really worried that while im away she wont take any milk?? Any suggestion would be really appreciated!


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Dove has it right on.

My son is the same way about milk. He will take water from a camelbak water bottle and rarely milk. Those water bottles are a bit expensive at $8, but they are easy to clean.

Dove - posted on 06/10/2012




My first question would be... is there ANY way you can take the baby with you where ever you are going overnight? I don't know why you need to leave her, so that suggestion may be 100% impractical, but it's the first one I would, personally, work towards.

Sometimes a baby will take a bottle/cup for someone OTHER than mom since if mom is doing it... the baby knows where the good stuff is. ;) You could also try a straw cup or a regular cup (slow and messy, but can work).

If none of that works... solids and water 'should' be ok if it's just for the one night and she'll probably want to nurse a ton when you return.

Good luck!


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