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Hey guys so heres the think I am really struggling with this I have something caled the nexplanon and thatwhat my mom made me be on not htat i want it out I dont want to be on birth control any more and its really pissing me off because she says she will make me bbe on birth control i mena she cant really make me... i cant get this thing out of my arm untill she signs the paper work which she wont sign for im about ready to just take it out myself knowing about the risk for infection i HATE birth control I have ruined all my underwear because of this damn thing my hair is falling out and im just tired all of the time... HELP


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Well, obviously, if your mother put you on it, you're a kid, under the age of legal adulthood, so perhaps, JUST PERHAPS, you should contemplate how you can make more responsible decisions, and once you can do that on a regular basis, approach your mother on a MATURE level, (not like this post, ranting and raving about things), and see if something different can be worked out.

I don't blame her for putting you on bc...I wouldn't want to raise my grandkid either...

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I didn't think a parent or doctor could legally force a teenager to go on birth control. At least where I am a person's reproductive choices are legally up to them at the age of 14...

Make an appointment w/ your doctor and talk about the side effects that you are suffering from. If you are truly abstinent and are going to stay that way... there is no reason for you to be on birth control (though even the most well intention plan of abstinence can go out the window in a heated moment).

I do not know what process occurred for you to be on the birth control, but if you and your mom can not discuss this rationally and come to an agreement... perhaps you can request that you seek counseling together... and also speak to the doctor that prescribed the birth control together.


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Jodi - posted on 05/25/2016




Where I live, 16 is actually legally old enough to make some of your own medical decisions, and birth control is one of them. Here, a 16 year old can attend the doctor without parental consent and discuss birth control options as well as obtain the birth control of choice. I'm surprised you could possibly be forced to have an implant.

Charlie - posted on 05/25/2016




But see heres the thing IM 16 and I dont have sex and i know that its my choice on weather or not i am on it. and i choose abstinance

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