HELP!!!! Breastfeeding at 1

Flic - posted on 06/22/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi all

I have breast fed my little one right up till now she turned one last week.

She now only has one night feed to get her off to sleep right before bed (and occasionally when she wakes up at 4am)

I have now gone back to work and are really starting to dislike feeding. I just feel like she is too big now and we're both ready to move on.

However..... She has never taken to a bottle or a dummy so I'm struggling to replace that comfort?????

I'm debating cold turkey if I try her on cows milk and make sure she is fed bathed and clean bum before bed and hope for the best????

Any kind of advise is greatly appreciated! Have any mums gone cold turkey? Any mums in the same situation? If I do go cold turkey what do I do how do I do it? I just want this to be as less stressful as it can be on my little girl.

Thanks all xxx


Dove - posted on 06/23/2015




Dropping a final feed is not going cold turkey... it's the normal way to wean I absolutely would not replace the feed w/ a bottle or pacifier as that will just be one more thing that you want to 'break' her from in the future. You could hold and rock her at bedtime, but if she really wants to nurse that might just upset her. I don't have any other weaning advice as the first two kids I weaned (at 15 months) were already attached to their pacifiers and the third didn't wean til 3.25 years. ;)

You really only have two choices... keep going or just stop. If you want to stop that is up to you, but I want to reassure you that she is NOT too big to nurse. WHO recommends nursing for at least 2 years and many, many, many kids nurse older than that.


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Flic - posted on 06/23/2015




Thank you dove. Great reassurance! I do try rocking her but she just wants to nurse think I'll keep going

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