Help! Cast slipped, soaked off, DR. NOT AVAILABLE!

Tammi - posted on 06/11/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My granddaughter has clubfoot on the right side. She is in her second cast. It slipped and we soaked it off as instructed by the dr. He said if this happened to soak it off and call his office to have a new one put on the next day. Now his office is saying he is not in today and cant see her until tomorrow the earliest but HE said it was ok to just keep her out of the cast til Friday, her regular casting appt. We are panic stricken! What do we do? Will her foot be all messed up since this is not her treatment plan? Has anyone else had this problem??? The staff are not accommodating at all!


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Guest - posted on 06/11/2014




It really depends on the severity of the condition and what point she is at within the treatment. There are times when the cast really must be on 24/7 and should be replaced immediately, but there are also times when a day without the cast will not be catastrophic. I am reading this on a Wednesday though, so it seems the cast came off on Tuesday. If that is so, it does seem odd that the doctor is suggesting waiting until Friday. At any point in treatment for club foot, I don't think any doctor would suggest the cast being off for three days.....

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/11/2014




If the staff is telling you verbatim what the doctor told them to tell you, then the doctor is not concerned about the delay.

If you are still concerned, ask for a second opinion.

Bri - posted on 06/11/2014




The cast should not be off even overnight. Babies grow so fast that leaving it off for one night, much less two days, can definitely impede progress. Casts usually stay on five days on average so for the cast to be off two days out of that is significant. It is sad that the staff will not try to accommodate you. I would be looking for a different dr if it were me.

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