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My daughter who has been an average student all through school has just failed 3 of 4 of her 1st semester college freshman classes. She takes responsibility for this and says she knows she can do better and will do better next semester. Hubby is furious and refuses to co-sign student loans for her. I don't know if she can even get student loans on her own w/o a co-signer. I don't want to see her drop out of school. Is it unusual for a student to do so poorly her first semester of college?

I don't know how to handle this. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I can completely relate to your situation. My son completed his first semester of college with 2 Cs and 3 Ds. Not at all what was expected. His GPA is below was is accepted and he was given an academic alert. I am afraid that it will cost him his scholarship and his student load eligibility. I am literally sick about this situation. We are planning a "sit down" to make a plan for what can be done differently. I know that my son is not proud of his first attempt but he has big gains to make in order to make up for this first try. I have done lots of research about what services are available at the university and our plan will be in writing. Good Luck. By the way, my hubby, was not at all pleased either.
Hang in there. I have been praying like mad.

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She might just be under a lot of stress because collage is different from high school it might not of been what she expected,She might be distracted or finding it tough.Talk to her and find out if things are okay and why she did so bad Is she having problems adjusting or studying or even just balancing her time because a lot of it is time management.Just talk to her and see how she's doing she's old enough to tell you it straight up.

Good luck. :)

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