Help disciplining my son (2 and a half years)

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My son is 2 and a half and i need some help with discipline, when he was 2 my partner and i tried the naughty spot but he was too young for it, started running away and forgetting why he was there, thinking it was a game etc, He is usually a good boy and is fairly advanced with his speech he can count to 15 knows his alphabet and has always been good with communication we started using the naughty spot again last month and at first it seemed to work, we always come down to his level and give him a warning and if his bad behaviour continues we place him on the naughty spot explain why he's there and walk away, after he's done his time we explain again then get an apology and a kiss, now after a month it seems he's not bothered about it, he will giggle when we take him to the spot the happily sit there for 2 mins apologise and kiss and skip away like nothing has happened i cant help but wonder if it has any affect at all especially as he will carry on doing the naughty thing he's been told off for again and again, i just wondered if anybody has any help as to make the punishment sink in or something as i don't know what to do, as i said it's quite rare that he misbehaves but when he does i am clueless!!


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It sounds as if you are doing everything right. Children don't have impulse control until they are about 5 years of age, but they are learning right from wrong before then. Just stay consistent with your time outs. I wouldn't be so worried about if he skips away after, because 2 year olds also have very short attention spans. He is sitting there, that is the main thing. If he gets up and does what he just did again, then simply skip the warning, and put him right back in time out for another 2 minutes. When the punishment is done, then ask him to explain to you why he was there. Have him say the words, then say, every time you do that you will go to time out. Then do the hugs and kisses. The key is being consistent. He is getting the message, even though he doesn't have the development to act the way you think he should act. Keep up the good work!

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