Help! Do you know what happened??

Adiris - posted on 02/04/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok so, my son is 3 months old going on four months on the 11th. He was constipated yesterday because i had given him rice in his formula (because my grandma said it'll make him fuller) but every time he has rice in his formula he gets constipated! So my boyfriends cousin went to the store and bought apple prune juice for baby's. I gave him a little bit like an ounce and he drank it all. He pooped a little bit. When I got home I gave him some baby orajel (pea sized) because he's teething then I went to feed him. I gave him a little bit more prune juice and he was fine. I layer him in his bed and I was watching him play with his kick piano thing on his crib and then he just stopped breathing. He was choking and I picked him up and layer him on his stomach and started tapping his back, it was working so I then grabbed his burp cloth and dug it in his mouth because his spit I guess was too thick?? There was spit coming out of his nose and everything. After that he was so weak and just went right to sleep. I don't understand what happen!! Has anyone gone through this?!? What could have happened??????


Firebird - posted on 02/04/2013




1. He's too young for cereal, and it should never be put into a bottle. Cereal is empty calories, and by trying to fill him up with nothing, you are actually robbing him of the nutrition he needs. 2. ora-jel is very bad for babies (just like Kelsey said), look for Hyland's teething tablets if you insist on using anything.

Kelsey - posted on 02/04/2013




Well, don't give him rice cereal if it makes him constipated; just because it makes him fuller and sleep longer isn't worth having your son constipated. He's only four months; babies shouldn't be having rice cereal until at least six months. Also, be very careful with the baby orajel, I would read up on the proper usage. Just because the label said a pea sized amount that's not the case. I read up on it, and if the baby swallow some orajel and it numbs the throat; it gets hard for babies to breath. I would make sure he's getting plenty of milk and talk to your doctor.


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