help.... don't know what to do next??

Lori - posted on 10/01/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




We Have A 15 year Old Daughter We Adopted her When She Was 4 days old, Shes the youngest of five kids. She has been diagnosed with every disorder i think is all the rage these days, ( i am not saying that some of these could be valid but it seems lately its easier for the medical professionals to throw a label than to actually solve/ investigate the problem) if i sound bitter thats far from the reality of the situation if anything i feel very defeated and alone, it seems no one is willing to help until either its gone so far with the law that you can't help your child or god forbid something no one can undo.....suicide. we have tried therapy for now going on eight years and i can't say its been an overwhelming success (since im now reaching out for other Avenues in hopes to save my daughter) i can admit that I'm lost and dont know what to do next, you hear send them away, lock them up, wait and see what happens next...i can't say any of those options make me jump for joy, now the cherry on top is that we are now nearing 24 hours since we have seen or heard from her and we've been told that its not now nor it will be a legal issue what do we do to , make her realize she's worth so much more than the path in which she's choosing? And as with some of the other post theres programs available if your idk donald trump but for people who actually work for a living resources just don't seem to exist amd yet our politicians preach our children are our future but will they make any ????? -to actually assure that becomes fact. Please if anyone has been through anything likr this or has any avenues in which we can try please im begging you for help because being in the front row seat of this horror movie that is my daughters life is not one i would recommend for anyone.

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