Help! Emergency last minute wedding!

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Please help! I need ideas. My fiance and I have been together for almost 4 years, we have a 2 year old son. We've been engaged for 2 1/2 years. We have been planning this wedding and things keep coming up so we have to use our savings for those situations. Due to an emergency we decided that it would be best for our little family to get married sooner rather then later. So I need help coming up with last minute ideas as this wil be happening in two weeks. We hope to have "the dream wedding" in a year pr so after everything has calmed down. Please help


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I am no longer married but when my ex and I got married my sister's one prom dress was my wedding dress, I used the head piece from my mother's veil and used netting for my own veil about 50 cents at the time, my ex ordered and bought the flowers $40 then, my parents bought the cake $25 back then, and then we had his preacher marry us. We had the church to ourselves and it was my church for free to use as a member. We had his parents, grandmother, youngest brother, my parents, my dad's folks, and my sister plus preacher. I never got the "dream wedding." Thirteen years later, we divorced. I am glad we did not spend that much on the wedding. Oh, the license was $25.

My daughter got married and her MIL made her dress and it could give Dave's Bridal a run for their dresses, the cakes were made at a bakery, my daughter made the groom's cake, her IL's provided the meal and I helped with that, they bought the flowers for the brides bouquet, maid's flowers, boutiners, and corsages which I put together, I found a nice dress outfit for $20 that had the 100 dollar price tag on it, found her brother's dress clothing for under $10. Her step mom bought the flower girls dresses and a brides maid made the dresses for the girls in the wedding party and they paid for the materials for each of their dresses. We all pitched in and cleaned up after....she got her dream wedding so to speak but her inlaws paid for it. It was nice of them to do so. But her dad and step mom did not contribute anything but to show up and walk her down the isle and eat. That is on their head, not mine as I made up the bouquets, helped with food and decor.

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I spent a grand total of $65 on my wedding. My cake was made by a decorator friend, my dress was a clearance rack special (and a gorgeous one at that), my hubby's suit was his "marryin' & buryin' suit", and we had garden grown fresh cut flowers.

In other words, is the day more about how much you spent and how much of a "dream" (which is more of a nightmare by the time you get through the ordeal...been there, done that too) the day is, or is it about you and the man that you love exchanging vows to love, honor, cherish and protect each other for the rest of your life? You don't need a huge, extravagant wedding.

Hubby & I are going on 24 years this year...

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