HELP!! exhausted mother with no idea what to do!!!!

Kelly - posted on 11/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a four and a half year old boy. Hes funny and has an amazing imagination, but here the last 6 months hes been extremly out of control.. Example: I told him no at walgreens because he wouldnt pick his stuff up out of the floor and he went nuts screanming kicking falling with dead weight on the floor. I literally had to drag him out of there once in the car he unbuckled and started throwing his whole body all over the car and hitting his brother..i was terrified how i was going to get him home without hurting himself or his brother a 10 min. drive took 2 1/2 hours!! He starts out fine in the morning but by 400pm hes out of control. its like his little body is out of control.. I dont know what to do i am changing his diet with no sugar or perservatives and so far i see a lil change but thats only been 3 days im sticking to it for two weeks but for evaluating it ...Hes constantly talking back and when hes told he cant do something or have something its like a war in my house...ive tried all different types of disciplining and nothing seems to exhausted and my family is strained. i feel like he is ruining the small amount of his and his brothers childhood to where im angry all the time and im not enjoying it at i would really like to hear from anyone whos ever delt with anything at all like this.. im lost.. scared for my kids and most of sad cause i dont know how to fix it...thank you all for listening and replying...


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It must be a 4 year old thing. Does he have any nap time or quiet time in his schedule? My daughter no longer naps and you can definitely tell that she starts getting whiny by 5:30 if she hasn't had some quiet time. She also hit the mouthy/tantrum phase a few months ago. She finds herself sitting in time-out more often these days, and I did put soap in her mouth once for sticking her tongue out at me, which seems to have helped tremendously! ;-) I just try to keep my cool and calmly take her to time-out. The timer doesn't begin until she is sitting quietly. After the time out, I remind her that what she did was disrespectful or whatever and ask her for an apology. Then we hug and move on. Frustrating, I know. But try to catch him being good and make a big deal about it. When I'm having a rough day, I remind myself that she behaves awesomely at school, church, restaurants and stores, so SOMETHING I've taught her must be getting through! :)

P.S. I did have to drag her, kicking and screaming, down the aisle at church 2 weeks ago because we needed to go have a chat about her behavior. I feel your pain at Walgreens.

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