HELP! flea problem (NO pets NO carpet)

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any tips? I have dealt with fleas before when I had cats but no kids. me and hubby arent sure what to do since we have 2 kids under 2 now. I worry about chemicals but I am being eaten alive! help please! we are treating the yard with spectracide but I dont know what to do indoors I would use a flea bomb but not sure if its good idea cuz of the kids. opinions and advice please! why the heck are they in our house anyways? we have NO pets and No carpet just tile floors.


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Is there family or friends you can stay with for a day while the bombs are set off? Does your family ever go camping? Find a 'family outing' and use that time to bomb while you are gone?

I do know ONE way to fight fleas..without chemicals..but it's not FOOLPROOF. You can set a dish of water with a few drops of dishliquid in it on the floor, directly under a nightlight. In the morning your flea-water will have little black specks in it.
See, fleas have a thin layer of oil on the outside of their body that protects them...If you find a product that will break down that can hurt them. Salt, Borax and Baking Soda will all do this. Sprinkle down all your upholstered furniture really well, let it sit (giving the powder time to dry the oil on the fleas..or eggs) and then vacuum the snot out of it! Eggs hatch later, so I would do this again every 5 days or so, until I was not getting bit anymore.

I live in Georgia..Southeast is notorious for sand fleas...they don't have to be in your home...they can hop on you just from walking across the yard.

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You definately need to have an exterminator come in. Not to freak you out but there could be a mouse or rat problem that you don't realize you have. They carry fleas along with other nasties. Do you live in an apartment? Your neighbor could be the problem if they have pets that aren't treated. Or if you live in a sandy area that can make a problem too. For the time being vacuum constantly that shou;d cut it back some. In some instances the vacuuming will eliminate them. good luck.

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Are you sure the fleas are in the house as you have no pets to bring them in and no carpet for them to live in? If you are being bitten then you really do have a problem so don't mess about trying to treat them yourself get a professional in. This way he can use chemicals for wooden floors and safe for toddlers. It is worth the cost when your children are being bitten.


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terminix is coming to bomb monday. we have to be out of the house for at least 2 hours but to be safe im gonna keep the kids away longer while i clean up after bomb.

ink ette- I never knew that... I was wondering about treating couches not wanting to sprinkle them with poison so I am definetly gonna try baking soda along with the terminix treatment.

louise- im positive they are fleas i have found a few on my socks. i really dont understand where they are hiding inside i have only had fleas indoors when i had pets many years ago but i also had carpet. we used store bought bombs and vacumed and that took care of it. i dont have time to try things that wont work especially since i have no idea where to start in this situation.

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