HELP... food issues, how to make him eat what i make?

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my son just turned 22 months and used to eat and try any foods now he is so picky, i dread every meal not knowing what i am gonna make him. The things he used to like he will not eat anymore, example he couldnt get enough of cantelope a week ago now he won't even look at it. my mom tells me to fix what i am eating and he will eat it sooner or later, however, when he is hungry and doesnt eat he whines and screams until he gets what he wants and that could have me cooking everything. i dont want this to continue but dont know how to stop it, do i start putting him in a time out for whining even though i know its hunger?? help me please this is so fustrating...


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The funny thing is your mom reminds me a lot of mine :) With that said, my advice for you comes from what worked with me as a child.

First and foremost, my mom always told me that until I can cook for myself, I'm eating what she's making haha. Especially when I was that age and my mother definitely knew what was better for me than I did.

When you make dinner, try making one thing he really likes (that you are fine eating as well) but don't put it on his plate. Try one "problem" food with him per meal and serve that to him first. Before he even starts with the tantrum, separate his portion into a smaller serving that seems suiting to you and tell him that he needs to eat that much of it and then he gets what he really likes. Eat the food with him. Start with smaller servings then gradually go bigger. Don't negotiate or barter with him. Stick to your guns. If he refuses to comply and throws a tantrum, have him take a few minutes of no fun to cool down (because the bigger issue is him acting that way with you-it's disrespectful) & once he decides he's hungry and needs to eat, repeat. Hell, it may take all night, but stick with a process even if it isn't this one. If he sees that he can get you to give in by tiring you out, you will have a really HARD time breaking that for years to come. As he gets older, you can feel free to expect more from him as he will grow to understand that he is expected to eat what you have cooked for his meals and you'll be fair and make what he likes as well.

Of course it will take time and tweaking depending on your child, but as a former picky child it definitely annoyed me enough to eat whatever my mom wanted me to in order to have something I preferred. I hope this helps!

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