help for a friend? with toddler not sleepin in his own bed...

Bethany - posted on 06/09/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




hey all my mate has a toddler who just wont sleep in his own bed and is so lacking in sleep i feel for her so much...

she can get him to sleep in a single bed for 3 -4 hrs but then hes awake and wants in with mum n dad, its complicated as dad works hrs other than 9 - 5 and even when bub is in bed with her and other half she still doesnt get a full nyt sleep, due to wriggling n such. having a bub who didnt sleep thru til he was 17mths i feel her pain and all i wanna do is have her bub for a nyt so she gets a full nyt sleep but its just not practical any and all tips will be passed on as shes dead on her feet and wil try anything!

thanks :)


Brianna - posted on 06/09/2012




i was having problems with my 2 1/2 year old staying in her bed. so i joined the website and got some tips. well it was really hard but it worked. u have to be strong and not give it to letting him sleep in the bed or you sleeping in his bed with him this is most important! my daughter kept getting up so i would tell her wheni first layed her down that if she got out of bed i would close the door i would then leave the room and she would get out of bed and come out. so i would lay her back down and say this is your 1 and only warning if u get out of bed im closing the door. so she then got out of bed again i would lay her down say i have to close the door now and i would close the door for 60 seconds she would kick and scream on the other side of the door and it really broke my heart but really 60 seconds of isnt gonna kill her lol. so i then would open the door take her back to bed and tell her if she gets up again i will close the door again. well she wouldnt get up but would cry for a lil while and soon would give it and go to sleep. ive only ever had to close the door twice ever so it worked like a charm. good luck hope this helps

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