Help for a wife that a has a husband who is home all the time working out of the home?

Kelly - posted on 06/26/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband works out of our home. It was such a blessing at first. Now after many long years of it (over 10), I feel I am so unproductive.I would like to surprise him but is is always here. Does anyone have any suggestions how to be productive with him around all day and all night? I am not trying to complain but it is very hard for me for some reason. Everything is a mess right now and it never used to be that way when he worked outside the home. He has a computer job so he has to sit a lot. I am having a hard time getting motivated and running up and down stairs ect. cleaning when I see him sit. My bills are paid ect. he is a good provider. Help!


Elfrieda - posted on 06/26/2011




Could you have him in a different part of the house where you can't see him for set hours in the day? That was such a problem for us, too. He'd be on the computer during the day or in the evening, and I'd always go and see if he was actually working, or surfing the net, and if he wasn't working, I'd give him the baby, or ask him to wash the dishes, etc. I couldn't stand it that he was just sitting there and I had to do all the work! Of course, rationally I realize that he can't be working every second of the day, he needs breaks, but it bothers me anyway.

We solved the problem by him building an office in our garage/workshop. It helps him be more disciplined, because I'm not being his supervisor, he has to be his own supervisor, and also I expected him to come in for supper at a reasonable time, and not work in the evenings, so he tried to get things done during the day. Not seeing him was a big relief,and now if he's slacking off, I don't know it so it doesn't affect our relationship.

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