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Meeme - posted on 06/05/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




i have been experiencing constipation after giving birth for my second one, i have been through that for a month and it so painful and its really hard for me to taking care of my 2 children with that, i have been eating alot of fiber and drink alot of water but stii hard for me to poop, it really hurt me like hell. i think i also have hemorrhoid because of this, so if anyone would help me with this i really appreciate it.


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OhJessie - posted on 06/06/2011




Have you tried a magnesium supplement? It sounds silly, but it really isn't. If your doctor thinks it's ok, it could really help.

Tess - posted on 06/06/2011




Be careful with the fibre. I found that eating too much fibre was actually the cause of my constipation! Sure, make sure that you are eating fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of water, but cut out fibre cereal and don't eat too much bread. Good luck!

Valerie - posted on 06/05/2011




if you are eating enough fruits and veggies i would add a stool softener for a while...they are not a laxative but soften stools to make them easier...also hot beverages can be helpful, even hot water or lemon water, tea, coffee...

Christy - posted on 06/05/2011




Drink 6-8 ounces of undiluted apple juice. If it doesn't work with in the first 3 hours, drink another 6-8 ounces again.

Barb - posted on 06/05/2011




Add some lemon to your water and never be without a bottle of water in your hand. Make sure you refill it at least once an hour. I know you said you have been eating alot of fiber, which is great, but try eating just that and staying away from meats and cheese for a bit. Might also want to consider some Ginger and lemon tea, that will help your body digest the food. Also some yogurt can help.

Perhaps try a stool softener. NOT a laxative, just the softener. You can also try an enema to help break up the matter before it passes through your anus. This will make it less painful.

Best of luck to you, i know it is painful. The cramping and bloating and then the actual passing. Hope this helps

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