Help! Haven't slept in 4 months.

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My 4 month old is a cute bundle of joy. I just can't appreciate his cuteness because I haven't slept in 4 months. He only has ever fallen asleep while I am rocking him and nursing him. He wakes up about 6 times a night, and cries whenever I set him down - so I spend the whole night with him in my arms and with him using me as a pacifier. During the day naps are the same. He only naps for about 30 min at a time, and it takes me about 30 min to rock him and nurse him to sleep. It is getting to the point where I need to make a change or I won't survive his first year. So, if I am thinking about making changes, AKA "sleep training", what should I do? Google searches come up with so many contradicting ideas I am lost. Any advice is greatly appreciated. What has worked for you? Thank you!!!


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Actually, he is 4 months old so no food at this age. He is NOT old enough to start solids like the last person recommended. THis is NOT about food, but comfort. Your baby IS using you as a pacifier, but sleep training a 4 month old can cause a lot of damage. Infants are not meant to sooth themselves, that is our job as parents, and unfortunately sometimes we suffer.....especially with lack of sleep.

Can you offer him a pacifier? Once he is asleep and off the breast and you are holding him, can you put a binky in his mouth and gently move him? My husband used to move both of my babies so I would be the one putting them down.

You WILL survive this first year. I did. My son was the most perfect sleeper ever, then I had my daughter. For the first 15 months, I did not ever sleep more than 4 hours per night, and that is if I was lucky. I would breastfeed her on a recliner on a pillow, and when she was done and asleep, I would pull her across my lap, and recline a bit while I was holding her. It was literally the only way I could get ANY sleep. It was wicked rough, and still is not a great sleeper. She is 4 years old now.

If you do choose to CIO, you are not suppose to start until they are older. Solid food should not be offered until your baby can sit up and support his own head, be rooting, and interested in food. That usually happens about 6 months or older, but once again, this is NOT about is about comfort.


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How is he eating? He is old enough to be sleeping thru the night, and to start baby food.

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