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..I am not a mum but a dad, i have a four year old daughter that stays with me,my partner and our 7 month old son every other weekend ....She has started to tell her mum (my ex) lies about her weekend ...two weeks ago she told her mum she had been made to sleep on the floor by my partner - this never happened and me and her real mum at first wondered why on earth she had come up with it and basically came up she must of dreamt it or something and thought little else of it . This weekend however my daughter has gone home and said that my partner said to her that "she needs to find a new dad as i have a new baby and that my daughter should change her name to her mums as daddy doesnt want you or need you anymore... This is not only ridiculous but also my partner only saw my daughter on saturday night for ten mins before she went to bed (and i was there the whole time) so this is physically impossible aswell. Mum obviously beleive s daughter and is now saying she cant stay anymore - why is my 4 YO daughter doing this is she jealous or trying to cause trouble - i want to sit with my daughter and her mum and ask her why and that she isnt in trouble just tell me why - HELP


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Sounds to me like jealousy of the LO AND has an issue with your partner. Kids don't really know how to deal with their emotions, and may not make sense to adults how they handle them.

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thats a good point but from 9am - 6pm on the saturday and 9 am until she goes home on the sunday about 4pm its all one on one, i think that she is jealous of the LO but why lie about it

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Hi J,
I am definitely not an expert but I do have a 4 year so I thought I might respond. I think that 4 year old girls can be very sensitive and will do anything to earn our love, attention and respect. They also worry constantly about not being loved (for example: I was giving my 2 year old son a cuddle and was planning on then giving my daughter one straight after to give them both some 1on 1 time and affection. I must have been too slow because the next thing I was told by my daughter was that I didn't love her anymore and she was going to live at Nanny's). So you can see that from one little moment of me sharing a little time with her brother just as I do with her on other occasions, I apparently don't love her. So going along these lines your daughter maybe feeling very insecure and is vying for your attention. If possible, maybe and spend a little 1on1 time with her. Also, see if your wife can also spend some time doing an activity your daughter really loves so she feels special. Having a new baby in the house, especially one where the family is blended anyway, can put a lot of stress on a little one.

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