Help! Helping friends with kids, but they are just not right on the head.....

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Okay, last fall my friends asked if I could start watching their three boys because their previous daycare provider was drinking too much to care for them. I was astonished, shocked and quickly agreed.

I now know why she drank!! Lol

The boys ages 12, 10 and 8 are VERY VIOLENT to each other.... And becoming increasingly hostile to me. I cannot stand this behavior, I have first gone to the parents, when they we're paying that they are four months behind in paying me, I find my patience thin and I am being a little more vocal.

The youngest, the most physical and verbally (I am at q loss for words) is now starting to show jealousy in a violent/hostile way to my baby boy, 18 months. I will not stand for that and have been "mean" to the you gets to get my point across.

Obviously, the parents could care less. No one in their family will watch them.

I am not completely ready to concede this fight! There is goodness in these kids...

My kids are basically the same age, but they love each other, openly.... Hostile and violent environments make us all edgy.

What can I do? Has anyone experienced this?

The oldest is a great and wonderful kid... Maturing the more he is away from the younger ones.

Any advice would be GREAT!!

Thanks D


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Mate. Its sad indeed but you need to put your kids first. The impact these outsiders are having may not become evident for a while but believe me they are having an affect. Just ask for payment and say you no linger have the abikity to look after these kids. Its sad but its not your responsibikity. If the parents wont listen and help then theres little you can do .

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You can't do anything the poor kids, I've known plenty of children I'd of loved to "save" but the changes have to be made at home to have any effect on them. You can however stick firmly to MY HOUSE, MY RULES! Demand to get payed and take no s**t.

Personally I'd give up when they stopped paying you, clearly these ppl just want to parm off those kids to let someone else deal with them (for free)


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Love Being A - posted on 11/27/2012




I agree... Which is sad. It just doesn't seem fair to the kids to be shuffled around.

I told the dad about today's biting, punching and so forth and all I got was a smile and a" glad I won't be home." I visualized my self slapping him upside the head.

After Christmas break I am done. Three more weeks... If I stick to my guns...

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