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So my son will be 18 mths on the 15th. He is my 3rd and last child and from the time he was born I have struggled keeping him in a playpen, bassinet, or crib.,.. I have tried to let him cry it out. Ive gotten up many times at night to get him a bottle. I have to say that many times I just got so tired that I couldnt function durning the day so I gave in and put him next to me in my bed. Well my husband says it time for the baby to utilize his own bed and I totally agree. But since I'm a stay at home mom I kinda have to figure this out on my own.... seems like i can get him to fall asleep in his bed but with in 2 to 3 hours he is up crying and trying to climb in my bed.....Any advice ????? how long do you think till he adjust????? Im so tired with no sleep trying to get him in his bed....


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Well 1st of all you all need sleep. Is it hurting anyone if he does sleep in your bed? You only have a few years that he is even interested in being in your bed to snuggle and feel safe. Just a thought. When you do want him to stay in his bed don't engage him in anything don't make eye contact, he shouldn't need a bottle in the middle of the night any more those things will prompt day time mode not sleep mode. Give him a hug (snuggle by his bed) & put him back in his bed. Continue this and he should get used to the fact that you are still near by but that his bed is safe too(oh by the way if he can climb out of the crib, I would move him into a toddler bed so he doesn't fall).
Make sure he is getting enough sleep during the day that will ensure a good long sleep at night. Many ppl make the mistake of napping less so they will be sleepier at night but a over tired or irritable child wakes up & is restless from being over tired.
Give him a bed time snack to "top him up" so he does wake thinking it's breakfast time.
It will take a few nights at least but could be a few wks. It sounds like he is making sure your still there & he isn't alone. He is still pretty young and I would expect him to come to your bed, if you have a few mins in the morn have a cuddle time in your bed in the morning as part of getting up.
Good Luck

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