Help how do I please everyone. My dad died three months ago. Ring my mum each night. Hubby moaning interfrers with family time but can't ring during day as kids screaming!!! Trying to please everyone any ideas.


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Sam - posted on 08/30/2011




"How do I please everyone." You DON'T :) You can never please everyone. If you are pleased and happy the people around you will be too. Compromise start calling your mom every second night then it won't cut into your family time as much.

Jodi - posted on 08/30/2011




Do you have any siblings?

Quite honestly, your mum DOES need to learn to get by on her own and not rely on you for her company every night. I know you are worried about her, but it is important that she also develop friendships of her own other than you.

Without knowing the entire situation it is difficult to know what to suggest, but perhaps you need to start helping your mum to find ways to move forward with her own life, and cut back to every second night phone calls for a bit, then gradually move that back. Or shorten up the call. You haven't said how long you call for, but is it possible to make the calls shorter?

Bottom line is that your husband has real cause for concern, and I am sure there are ways of being able to balance both, but first you need to help mum cut loose a little.

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