Help! How do i wean my baby off being rocked to sleep and using a pacifier?

Katiana - posted on 12/28/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My Son is One years old now. He has two bottom teeth and two top teeth halfway out. He's been using the pacifier throughout the day all year. I always said as soon as he got teeth i would take it away. Now that i live with my grandmother any time he makes noise she sticks the pacifier in his mouth and i noticed hes been rebelling against it. he'll throw it on the floor and say caca ( doo-doo/poop) ... Does that mean he's ready to give it up? how do i begin to wean him off?

Also, when i had my son all i did was take care of him and take care of our household. so i ended up spoiling him. I gave him attention even when he didnt want it. i rocked him to sleep for naps and bed time and now one year later he still wants to be rocked although now he prefers the swing or he won't go to sleep. how can i wean him off the rocking ? i have a newborn now and they both get sleepy and hungry together. Shes newborn but shes ,ore independent than he is lol what do i do?


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Put him in a crib and use the cry it out method. It is soo soo heart breaking but that is how I have to let my 8 1/2 month old go to bed or she is up all night crawling on me lol.
As for the pacifier. My daughter is three and half now and she hasn't had it in about 5 months. One day I took it and cut her off cold turkey. She cried for it for three day/nights. Than she was fine. Sometimes, she steals her baby sisters and truthfully I think it's for attention cause she spits it out at bedtime. But yes, the sooner the easier it is later on.

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