HELP!!...Husband and I cannot agree on living arrangements....

Jennifer - posted on 08/05/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay so my husband and I recently got a new home. We had to downgrade due to loss of job. So we have a 3 bedroom home. He has 3 kids from his prevous marriage and I have one from my previous and we just had another daughter together. We get all the kids everyother weekend (4 days a month) and have our newest adition with us all the time of course. My husbad never anted to discuss living arrange until after the baby was born and here we are 7 weeks later and I am ready to discuss. Two of our girls are the same age and share one bedroom... they have bunkbeds. His oldest daughter had the second bedroom and his son have the third bedroom. My husband nd I converted half of our garage into a small bedreem for us to sleep in so the kids could have rooms and not be over crowded. Here is where we cannt agree. Currently, the baby is sleeping in our room. I want her to have her own room as she is with us everyday. I THOUGHT that we could board his daughter and done n the same room, but have like a wall thing in between for privacy. My husbnd will not have it and we cannot agree. I think our child who is with us 100% of the time should have her own room as like I said we get the oher kids only every other weekend. and 95% of the time they don't even sleep in their rooms, they sleep downstairs all together (they like to do "sleepovers")

Am I wrong for wanting to do this with his son and daughter? I think it is only fair to have our child together have her own space since she is here far more often than the other kids.


Ev - posted on 08/05/2014




How old are that son and daughter? Because if they are preteen to teen then having them share a room is not going to work. THey need either their own spaces or share a room with the same sex child. Your husband may be right in not wanting them in the same room together if this is the case no matter how they actually end up sleeping anyway such as the front room. If their mom hears of this she might have something to say.

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