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I am a mum of 1 yr old twin boys Patrik & Danyl, Patrik is as good as gold and has his off moments when he is tired, on the other hand my other son Danyl is so naughty with everything that me and my husband just don't know what to do. He is very hypoactive, when u tell him not to do something he will do it all the more, the one major problem is when we are feeding him, he has started to spit every spoonful of food out as if he is going to be sick no matter what it is, ( but he is ok when it comes to sweet stuff). Can anyone help?


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Hypo means lack mean hypERactive.....and its normal 1 year old behavior.

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He is testing you it sounds like. He is only 1. Don't worry, like all moms on here say each kid is different! My kids are like night and day and are a year apart. I think being a twin makes no difference.

Be consistent with both. It is hard to realize, but kids, even at 1, pick up on EVERYTHING. Since you have a well behaved one, you may be treating him differently without realizing it and the other one sees that, hence acting out in a bad way.

As far as the eating, if he starts acting like he's going to throw up when you are feeding him, maybe try to let him feed himself with finger foods cut up into small pieces. If you have to put a piece in his mouth to get him to finish at least 1/2 the plate, try that. My daughter did the same thing at that age and I started letting her feed herself. She eventually got the hang of using utensils herself and I would still have to help but at least she was eating. My general rule is to finish at least 1/2 of what's on the plate. If she still refuses, I don't let her eat anything else until the next meal or snack time.


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At 1 years old he is not naughty he is investigating and you should react to that by providing him more stimulation that you want him to play with and remove what you class as naughty. As for the food give him more finger food so that he can choose what he wants to eat more. Reduce the sweet stuff to fruit only and encourage him with a happy smile to eat the healthy stuff. Try not to pick favourites with your son as he will pick up on this and react when he is older. If he is told he is naughty he will become so. I know you love him the same as his brother but try and give him a little more attention as he sounds like he is going to be quite bright and will need alot of stimulation to keep him on the straight and narrow.

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Please don't label your son naughty! That is really typical 1-year-old behavior. At that age they just do not have the impulse control to be able to stop doing something that they want to do. What is it that you tell him not to do? Try to focus on telling him what TO do, not what NOT to do. Your job is to teach him about what's acceptable, and that doesn't happen by just telling him "no" all the time.

Also, have you considered just letting him feed himself? It sounds like he's just a very independent little guy. Just let him feed himself. He can do it.

Katherine - posted on 12/19/2010




Every child has a different personality. It's sounds like Danyl is just picky.
If he's naughty all of the time he's probably getting negative reinforcement too.

You have to make sure you praise him a lot. That's more important than him spitting his food out IMO.

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