Help! I can't leave my 9 mo. old granddaughter's sight for a second!

Kelli - posted on 06/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have been babysitting my granddaughter since she was 3mos old, when my daughter had to go back to work. She has always been very excited to come over in the morning, and has never been sad when my daughter leaves. When she was 7mos old, she began to get very clingy... Of course I didn't think much of it, most 7mo Olds go through a cranky phase & want to be held a lot. But now it's been 2 mos & it seems to be getting worse! She is fine sitting on the floor & playing, as long as I am with her, but God forbid I have to go use the restroom! Or throw a diaper away! She will literally throw herself on the floor & bury her head in her little hands screaming & crying until I come back & hold her. Am I spoiling her, or is this just a phase that will pass? My daughter doesn't seem to have this issue at her house, but when i babysit over there, it's the same thing... I would love to help my granddaughter to be a happy and independent baby that can self soothe, within reason, of course. Please, any advice?

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