help i cant stop crying when we have sex!!!

Liana - posted on 01/30/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




ok I know it sounds stupid but I really really want another baby and my partner isnt quite ready so of course he wears a condom but this just makes me upset.

How can i stop wanting a baby so much and get over him wearing a condom so we can both enjoy the sex again?


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Liana - posted on 02/02/2011




Im glad to let you know that my partner is happy to start trying for a baby now :)

Louise - posted on 01/31/2011




Your tears must make your husband feel great! Sit down and tell him what you are feeling and that you need to discuss this. He is going to start to shun away from you if you keep doing this and then you are going to have problems in your relationship. Even if you fall pregnant by accident he is going to feel tricked so please talk this through with him. He is probably wondering what he is doing wrong!

Zarabeth - posted on 01/30/2011




Try something like getting the implant or contreseptive injection(depot). You dont even feel them so find you dont think about it, so you can pretend you are trying. Thats what I do. I fell pregnant on the implant and had my daughter, so clearly that didnt work for me (the pill didnt work for me either). But i've now been on the injection for a year and no pregnacy so far. I know exactly how you feel as i'm in the same position of wanting another baby. The implant was easy and lasts for 3years, it gose in your arm and the horror storys couldnt be more fake if they tried! It didnt hurt and other then not working for me I never had a problem. I will tell you though you can feel it in your arm if you press the area, so if your squeamish either dont go for that or simply dont press on the area lol. As for the depot, it is a quick injection in your lower back/upper bottom and is numb for about 1-2days after, you have to go back every 3months to get it re-done though. And the injection itself isn't a problem (this is coming from a person with a massive fear of injections!). My partner has said he prefurs I get the injection as there is no way of feeling it at all, and he knows he can feel comfortable knowing he can go bareback and not have another little nipper running around. He knows that in my head im pretending we're trying, but if you do take this advice you don't have to tell your fella. Hope this helps you hun, good luck and hope you get your baby in time to come! X

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