HELP!!! I don't know how to deal with my 12 year old daughter!

Emma - posted on 11/27/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi there, I've come for some advice as I am at my wits end with my DD. She has been quite rude and disrespectful t my partner and myself lately but what Is worrying me the most is is the latest issue. Last week my dd heard myself and my partner having sex, now bear in mind this was past midnight, in my bedroom, door closed and we always are quiet. She started shouting down the stairs "I can hear you!!!" so obviously I went to her room and addressed this with a comforting talk as she was crying. I apologised for making her feel uncomfortable but also explained that is natural. Now day before yesterday at around 10.30 pm she called me upstairs and said to me that she heard me saying to my partner " I don't know if she's asleep yet, she might be still awake?"Now I am concerned as nothing at all was said apart from night i'm going bed and he was playing xbox in living room so where on earth she got this from I do not know, so yet again reassured her that was NOT said and went to bed. At 4.30am that morning we were woken by screaming and shouting upstairs and it was my dd shouting I can hear you again! I lept out of my bed where i went to her and said WHAT!! She told me to shut up very aggressively. I was dumbfounded as we were all sleeping, not a blimming thing was going on she woke the whole house up including her 3 younger brothers. I was angry to say the least but more so by the way she spoke to me. Now again last night bearing in mind she goes to bed at 9.30 my partner and myself were in the living room having a cuddle and a kiss at around 11.30pm when my daughter charged in the front room shouting your doing it again, I'm sick of it, i'm never talking to you again, this then all kick off as my partner was furious at the way she spoke to me. when talking to her i asked what did you hear and how did you hear anything when you are supposed to be in bed at 9.30! She admitted she sneaked downstairs and was listening through the door.
So this is my dilema, I honestly don't know how to deal with this, it seems my partner and myself will no longer be able to be intimate as she is listening out for it, if I so much as snore the wrong way in bed she will accuse me of doing it, What do I do???? I was in tears last night as I feel i've lost control. and her reaction to this seems unusual. My partner and I have 2 boys together we live together he is like her dad but this is putting a strain on the house.

Please help me

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