help I feel like im losing control over my kids

Jennifer - posted on 07/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi I am new here. I am a mom of 2 kids wonderful beautiful miracle kids. I had a lot of issues trying to get pregnant so the fact I have is amazing but the are driving me crazy. My son Michael is 6 and very spoiled I read a article on WebMD and I am working on undoing that at the moment then I have Grace is 18 months old and the biggest miracle in my life. After 6 miscarriages and endo I had this beautiful baby girl I had always dreamed of and she is driving me insane . I feel horrible even saying any of this due to the struggle I went thru to get them but they fight non stop . Michael doesn't share at all and neither does Grace for that matter but she is hitting the terrible 2's and hitting them hard so she screams ALOT and pulls ALOT of fits. Michael has been my rock thru all the miscarriages just having him I made it thru but he is headstrong and argues and questions EVERYTHING I ask him to do or say for that matter. I feel like im stretched so thin between them and losing control? I need advice . Help!!!


Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 07/25/2013




Maybe you just are so happy to have them due to the fact that you struggled to get pregnabt that you are not firm enough with them. Loving a child so much can sometimes cloud a parents judgement of what is actually best for the child. A child thrives on structure and knowing his parents are in charge. A child that sees that they have the ability to question their parents authority feels confused which results in negative behavior. Realizing that some tough love and putting your foot down will actually help them succeed and is what is best for them is something to think about. No means no and there is no second guessing a parents authority. If your son chooses to challenge you then he gets a warning and then follow through with a consistent discipline if the behavior continues . You must not be permissive with a negative behavior one day and discipline for it the next , but you must always show the child there are consequences for negative behavior. Lastly, you must always follow through with what you say. No dessert if he talks back and that's the end of it for example. He has to see that you mean what you say or he will never take you seriously and will continue with the negative behaviors because there is a chance that he will recieve no discipline. Make sure your the mum and not the friend and remember sometimes it hurts to have to be tough with our kids but they need us to be in order for them to become happy , successful, and well adjusted people . You will notice once you do start becoming consistent that they will naturally fight back and things will get tougher before they get better. Stay strong and remember your doing this because you love them when you feel overwhelmed

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