Help, I want to stay home with my baby but need money

Alvine - posted on 07/18/2013 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hey beautiful mums

I have a 2 months old daughter and I decided to go back to work-need money- as a home aid 3 weeks ago. Leaving my baby at the daycare was the worst thing ever. Afterwards she was always tired, hungry and fussing. I changed daycare but it's the same. I finally realized that I was the only person capable of taking good care of my baby. I need to stay home with her but also need to work. What should I do? So desperate. Please help! Merci. :)

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Hello everyone I have a one year old b baby and I wanna make money at my house can anyone gave me ideas

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It is hard to go back to work with a child so young but if you need the money how can you not work? There are not many online jobs that are legit to work for the money. Also no one is going to care for your child the same exact way you do but if you take a child to a sitter, they are going to do the best that they can in your absence and changing out sitters all the time is not going to allow your baby to get used to anyone. You need to sit down and write down what you need to do, the pros and cons of each thing and make a choice based on that. Is the father in the picture? Do you not have family around to help out?

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Is it possible to find a Nanny or babysitter? Could you work part-time and afford a sitter on the times you work?

You could get a live-in Nanny depending on where you live, or start a daycare/babysit.

Hope you can work something out! If all else fails I would try to search out some more daycares, possibly a home daycare, and find someone you feel is better suited to your daughter.

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I bought an office building and a property management company to lease the offices to commercial tenants. The property management company does take a good chunk of my earnings, but I barely have to do any work at all--just keep the taxes and insurances current, and tend to repairs. I work less than 20 hours a year. When J is older, I might take on more of the responsibilities myself.
You don't have to be rich, as long as you have a good credit history and a good business plan, most banks will give you a loan to purchase the building. Work with a good commercial real estate agent to make sure your investment is profitable.

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Hi Alvine,
6 weeks after my daughter was born I started taking in dayhome kids so could stay home with my daughter and still bring in money. A firstaid/CPR certificate and written references from people you know or babysat for are very helpful, I would also suggest writing down your rules and expectations for payment that way there are no misunderstandings. Hope you find this helpful.

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