HELP Im 9 weeks pregnant and I drank alcohol at least once a week

Melissa - posted on 10/11/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello Everyone. I have just found out that I am 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant. The doctor says that the first 2 weeks you arent even pregnant because it dates back to the first day of your last period .. the next 2 weeks is kinda all or nothing so if the baby was damaged it simply wouldnt live. So that leaves me with 5 weeks where I could have harmed my baby and I know I drank once per week at least and twice per week at most so we are talking 10 times of HEAVY drinking likes shots .. and the last time I drank was 2 days in a row over THanksgiving weekend .. this last friday and saturday. I found out MOnday morning. Anyone with similar experiences .. Im so scared and I feel terrible can anyone please tellm eif they had similar experiences and if there babies were ok?


Sarah - posted on 10/11/2017




It is the chronic drinking thru the entire pregnancy that causes the most harm. You cannot go back and change anything so just move forward with a healthy lifestyle. You child is going to be exactly how the Lord intended so take a deep breath, forgive yourself and move forward. My mother was told both drink and smoke! The drinking would "calm her nerves" and the smoking would help her "not get too fat". Mama, give yourself a break and be excited and enjoy the new journey!

Michelle - posted on 10/11/2017




You'll be fine. A lot of women don't know they are pregnant and drink a lot in the first couple of months.

Kris - posted on 10/11/2017




11 years old daughter, perfectly fine with some allergies. Did not knew I was pregnant and visited two birthdays back then, still something felt strange and had a half of quantity from usual. Also felt quilty and worried. After childs birth turned non-alcoholic.

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