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Danielle Nikole - posted on 02/03/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My hubby works all the time. I work early in the mornings but i spend the rest of the day taking care of my daughter by myself. Im a first time mom. And i have no idea what im doing. I feel like i am constantly holding her all the time. She is four months old. I dont know how to get her to play more independently. I feel like i am trying to run a houshold and take care of a baby and work and i am failing at all of it. Any helpful tips?


Renee - posted on 02/03/2014




I did bounce seat. I also always took my baby with me if I did dishes she would be close by and I would talk to her as I did housework. I also had a schedule. She new what to expect when I came home the first hour was devoted to her. Remember your baby wail grow up enjoy this time . No matter what needs to be done it will be waiting for you tomorrow. Your a great mom don't think any less and your not alone.

Chet - posted on 02/03/2014




Have you tried wearing her on your back in a soft carrier around the house? We have four kids, all close in age, and baby carriers helped me to get a lot done. In a back carrier your baby is close to you and can see a lot of what you're doing, but you have your hands free. A sling type carrier can be good as well, and she may prefer that, but you won't have quite as much freedom with your hands.

Try not to feel like you're failing at everything. If you're holding your baby a lot you're clearly a mom with great instincts. The social contact of being held and carried, the irregular physical motion of your body that her muscles need to respond to, the changing perspective on what she sess as you shift her around - it's exactly what babies need to spur healthy development, and it's far better for her than leaning to play independently.

Look carefully at your standards too. See what corners you can cut. We didn't bath our babies every day. They really weren't dirty. A sponge bath wipe down was fine. Make easy meals. Don't expect the house to be immaculate. Focus your attention on the things that matter the most, and remember that your baby is only once.


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