HELP ... im so worried about my 14 month old with low muscle tone (not walking)

Sarah - posted on 02/20/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 14 month old daughter started crawling a little before her first birthday which some people thought was late we were very worried and ecstatic when she finally did. Now we have a new problem she doesnt even try to walk she cruises for a while along furniture etc but sits down quickly as she is tired. She takes her hip out when I hold her hands to get her to push the walker or hold my hands and walk and sits down after a few steps. HEr Nursery is suggesting she has low muscle tone and we need to see a therapist. Im on the verge of breaking down and crying since I read up on it online and it sounds like a terrible thing for a baby to have. She also doesnt have any teeth yet !! so gags on some of the chunky food gagging also a low muscle tone symptom... my baby is such a charmer she batts her eye lashes and you can instantly fall in love with her... what am i doing wrong. Im such guilty mom... ok tear drop one is here i shud quit typing...


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Elizabeth Kathryn - posted on 10/22/2013




Ok , your not a BAD MOM ! Just talk to your Dr. And try a blender . My son is the pickiest eater on earth. If you really worried about it. Take a video camera or phone and tape your child eating and trying to walk. That will help out a lot. Sometimes it's hard to describe things.

Lyndsie - posted on 10/22/2013




Hi, my baby boy just turned one October 5. He is a miracle that I almost lost hours after birth. From losing oxygen he has low muscle tone and which causes milestone delays. He has pt and OT every week for an hour and has helped very much. He started to crawl on his birthday. It would be so great to hear from other moms with babies who have low tone as well.

Cecilia - posted on 02/21/2013




Okay first, most of what you said sounds pretty normal to me. When you say her nursery, is that a day care? If you doctor does not tell you such things ignore it. Her muscle tone might be lower than other children who are walking at that age simply because they are walking.. duh! They are using the muscles more than your daughter is.

As far as the eating goes, it also sounds pretty normal for some kids. They have to get used to the whole swallowing thing. Maybe make sure the pieces are nice and small so she gets used to it gently since she is having some issues.

Even if you do need to seek additional help, physical therapy for a child isn't a huge deal. Two of my children went through it. Most will do it at home once a week for an hour. They will show you exercises to do while they are gone.

You didn't do anything wrong it is just what it is. Don't worry. work on helping her and take your own emotion out of it. It isn't a case where you did anything.

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