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i need information on this my son has this we have never heard of this


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;en I hope your little guy feels better soon!

I had scarlet fever when I was very young. My mother wasn't the most in tune mother. She let it go treating it as just another fever. I finally went to the doctors when my fever reached 105. The doctor screamed at her. I could have gone deaf, blind, or could have even died. I did pull through it with no problems.

You did the absolute best thing by bringing him in to the hospital. Getting that medicine will make him have a full recovery.

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thanks ladies and yes i was at the hospital with him last nite his fever was 100.1 at there but they made him take meds there and during the night his fever has gone down and stayed down im co sleeping with him as he doesnt want to be on his own bed. His rash isnt that bad it only goes bright red when his fever is up but perhaps because we got him seen after 24hrs of his fever we have caught it early. The ulcers in his mouth am the worst.

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Take all of the antibiotics that are prescribed. Have them give you something for the skin rash if it is present. Cool baths also help with the itching from the rash. The rash can last for up to 3 weeks. In some cases the skin will peel where the rash was. That can last for up to 3 months ( I know from personal experience) and pray that you never have to deal with it again as you can have it more than once ( I had it 3 different times) Soft foods or a liquid diet are also helpful if the throat is very sore and something like tylenol for the fever.

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Scarlet fever is just strep with a rash. It used to be a very scary disease, but thanks to the miracle of antibiotics it's now not such a big deal. (You do need to make sure he takes the full course of abx, though. Untreated strep can lead to some nasty complications.)

My bff and I both had scarlet fever as kids, and DD had it also when she was about 3.

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