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my DD 14 has had lice since this summer we have done everything bye the books several treatments right when we think we beat it ....her head itches n we r back to step 1 :( a clean freak n keep up daily nonstop cleaning mind you thats to include following my DD with the vacum,,,,,its really getting me down i wont sit just anywhere im nerviouse to hug her and its a draining feeling in our home.....all through this time myself and my son are still lice free......PLEASE ANY HOME READY OR IDEAS PLEASE HELP



Chet - posted on 01/28/2014




Are you in the US? If you're near the US-Canada border there are different lice treatments in Canada that are not available in the US. If you have resistant lice changing products can help. We've used Resultz, and since it's new people tend to have a lot of luck with it.

If you haven't talked to your doctor you should do that as well. There are prescription lice treatments to try if over the counter ones don't work.

Try not to stress too much. Lice are not very contagious. They don't want to change heads. The adults can't live off of a human head for very long, and the eggs can only hatch when they're the temperature of human scalp. We've had lice come home from school a couple times and despite our kids sharing hats, toys, hair brushes, rooms, pillows, blankets (they're little and they share everything) we haven't had a lot of trouble with the lice spreading even when it's difficult to get them off of the one kids who has them.

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