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Michelle - posted on 03/06/2017




I don't know if you will read this since you have deleted your account but I'll write it anyway.

I agree with the other ladies.
Your daughter may feel that you are choosing him over her by still having him in your home. He hurt her and you still continue to shove him in her face.

Therese - posted on 03/06/2017




I don't think you should do this but you should encourage your daughter to be polite to everyone. You mentioned that he "devastated" your daughter. Do you think it appropriate to continue as his mentor?

Both of them are quite young and I think they should focus on their education and future goals. Relationships are not a priority at this stage.

Sarah - posted on 03/06/2017




I agree. What makes you think you know what your daughter wants better than she does herself? It has been 3 years, you need to leave them be. I don't know why this boy would hold such a special place in your heart, especially after he "devastated" your daughter? Take care that you are not putting him or his needs before your own child's needs.
Also, you say this young man is the son of friends of yours. If they are your friends, why did you not confront them about not getting their own child to school?

Ev - posted on 03/06/2017




Actually, no you do not do that. Let them work this our between them. It is really none of your business and he is soon to be 18 anyhow.

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