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My babys dad and I are not together because of my choice of not being with him because he's really mentally/verbally abusive. I am now carrying our son, he keeps telling me our son will hate me because I don't want to be with him and be a family, and that he will be telling our son what a horrible person I am so he will hate me also. I havnt done anything wrong to my bd. Hes the crazy, jealous, insecure, controlling one. Should I be with him to have a "family" or keep doing what I have to do for my son and I.


Jodi - posted on 09/15/2013




My ex used to say that to me when he and I split up. My son was 2 at the time, and you have no idea how often he told me that he would keep a file of everything and tell my son all these horrible things when he turned 12 so that he could turn him against me and he would want to live with him. It's all empty threats. Just ignore him. Certainly don't go back to him if he is abusing you in this way, that is definitely not the best thing for your child.

Mom - posted on 09/15/2013




Elizabeth, is difficult to have a pacefull and happy family when you are under abuse and those kind of thinks inside. ii is better to stay separated for some time during you both think and work on found which is the reason of that disrespect if you don't find the way dont think that suport abuse for your baby is good idea. You need to love yourself first if you want to love and take care of sombody else.

good luck.

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