Help me!!! My child has flapping hands and very quick temper

Lyndsay - posted on 08/22/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Help me please I'm at my wits end HV dont help me in the slightest!!

My little girl is 3 in January she can't communicate well with anyone and finds it difficult to let me know wat she wants if I don't get wat she's trying to put across she straightens out her back and neck in rage flaps her hands or pulls her hands in a fist, she's very frustrated and gets to the point she nips herself or others if we don't understand wat she wants! Iv tryed asking is it this? Is it tht? Also have tried asking her tell mummy wat it is u want and mummy will get it but this makes her frustration worse as she can't say sentences .. She also doesn't make eye contact with anyone for two long also looks at corner of eye and looks up to corners of the roof a lot when u try and speak face to face can anyone help me understand wat could b wrong with my child? HV seem to just tell me she will grow out of it but she's always been like this she also losses interest in activities and toys within seconds!! But obsesses over objects such as a stick or an apple!!!

Today she had an apple not eating it just looking at it in her hand and kissing it she put her nail through it by accident and totally kicked off because I wouldn't give her another apple! Please help I feel I'm banging my head off a brick wall x


Sherrie-ann - posted on 08/22/2014




My son just an ipad. He is 5 and has cerebral palsy but is very tech savvy. I got him taptotalk (the free version) and he uses it to get his point across when he feels he isn't being listened to. I don't know if you can try this. If not, simply flash cards or a chart with simply emotion symbols like 'I am happy', 'I am upset' 'I am tired' might be a cheaper and faster solution.Just have her point to what she wants and add more as her vocabulary increases. I also had my son watch Baby Signing Time from the time he was very small and he learned the signs with me and we communicated that way. It's fun and they catch on really quickly. It's amazing. Sometimes he made up his own signs. I know it doesn't seem like it but that fact that she gets upset when she isn't being understood is a good sign. I shows her intelligence and willingness to communicate.

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