Help me my son is broken

Tisha - posted on 07/19/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is the second of twins. He is quite different to his brother who is quiete, he is the extrovert although really a shy boy. He is active and can be loud, he is kind and loving however He has had a rough few weeks at school to the point that he is broken! He has been sent out of class numeerois ocassions which affected his grades. He told me his teaher picks on him and at first I didnt pay much attention I told him he needed to do what the teacher said. This continued and was aknowledeged by a trainee teacher who didnt think keeping him at breaks was effective. What was he doing? Not standing straight in a line, talking at times and on ocassion asking to go to the bathroom! Small things that other children did however it was always he that got into trouble. He bottles it all in and eventually started getting angry at these things which often escalated due to his "inability to manage his anger". He was ignores in the sense that the school was quick to punish him but took no notice of the changes he was displaying, perhaps something was weong at home and afterall the teacher was very good with alot of experience. My som was excluded from schooltrips swimming etc which he took well to or so it appeared. Recently he told me what had been going on, he broke down and cried and told me no one believed him because his teacher called him a liar, he told me the teacher often shouted at him. Often the teacers recollection of events did not match that of my sons and he was always asked to keep quite. I can write a whole book but in the end I feel he has been let down by all of us. He is very unhappy and this plays out how he feels and behaves at school. Management is adamant its just his anger management, we as a family know him and know theres more to it. I cry these days because He started the year whole now he is broken and i failed to forsee all of this. He feels labelled and although the school comes across as wantimg his best now that he is where he is I dont think its genuine, either they are covering up or realising they have not been there for him. He is only 9! What a cruel world we live in! I have no proof of the intimidation or bullying apart feom his word and his brother who often says he too is affected.

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