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Aaliyah - posted on 03/08/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok so I'm getting ready to turn 20 I've been with my fiancé for 2 years and will be married in 2018. We're not trying just yet for kids but if it happens it happens . I started oral bc to regulate my periods and for 2 months it worked. But this month I'm late and for about 3 weeks I've been feeling sick but not throwing up, I've had cramping in my abdomen, and last night I had some brown spotting in my underwear but not enough to see on toilet paper. This morning I took a hpt and it was negative but when I went to throw in away I felt a thump in my stomach like something was kicking me it didn't feel like gas( I know what that feels like) and I just feel pregnant. I just need a test to confirm my feeling and advice


Sarah - posted on 03/08/2016




Unless you are 5 months pregnant you did not feel kicks. You may want to see a doctor to figure out what is wrong.


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Sarah - posted on 03/08/2016




How late are you? And the other Sarah is right, you'd not feel any kicking for several months. What type of BC are you using? When you are on OC you can stop getting perios or they will be very light, no more than a smear here and there.

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