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Helen - posted on 05/18/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




my 16 y/o daughter is out of control. we used to live in florida for about 8 years and we had to leave everything behind because i thought my soon to be husband was dying so we came to new york to try to get him help. to my surprise or to my denial a couple of months later i found out that he was dying but it was due to drug use and not an actual medical sickness. after he got better he decided to abandon us and disappear with no explanation. a few years before there were other issues with the family but thats another story, but just to mention its disappointed after disappointment and broken promises. i have put my kids through counseling and tried talking to them and i have given them lots of love, i have been their mom and tried being a friend but nothing seems to work anymore. my daughter is now getting worse as time passes she has been smoking weed, stealing, lying, she holds thing in ,wont speak, has failed 9th grade once and may fail this year again, she wont talk to me, she refuses to go to counseling, she has attempted running away a couple of times and her dad doesnt care ,he says if she wants to ruin her her life so let it be she will learn. im afraid that my daughter is going to hurt herself and im going to lose her she is my third child out of four and i dont want to bury her. my fourth child has stopped eating completely for the last three weeks and has lost 12 pounds and he is also rebelling in his own way and thats another struggle im facing im so afraid of losing my babies can someone help please please please

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