Help me with separation anxiety!

Kirsten - posted on 02/14/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Baby of 9 months wont even go to dad, wants me 24/7 - trying to enjoy it but really needs some tricks to help her.


Andrea - posted on 02/14/2014




Take a deep breath and let her sit with you while dad plays peek a boo or talks to her.. Then when she is starting to feel comfy with him slowly mover her closer to him as you start to get up.. Otherwise it will be a temper tantrum which they move on from very quickly.. I have had to do this with all 3 of mine boy 6, girl 5, boy 13 months... He started at 6 months and stopped around 10 months, only to go right back in to it at 11.5 months old.. I am with them 24/ 7 /365 other then when older 2 are at school .. Which I love and have gotten use to never going to the bathroom alone or washing dishes with out a little one next to me.. Laundry and folding clothes that happens during nap time... making a meal my youngest sits in his high chair and has snack while I cook...
I promise it will get better, she just need extra cuddles from you to know everything is safe and no one is going to hurt her, your smell is what comforts her the most and the sound of your vice soothes her... just a stage, then will come the yelling, screaming stage then the why, how come and what for stage... Enjoy them as each one is teaching them how to act and become independent, is a sad and exciting stage...

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