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me and my bf have been offered our first home theres a high percentage we am going to take it everyone is pleased for us apart form the mil and sil they just were whispering in the kitchen behind my back and i heard the type of stuff they were saying. Its like they dont want us to move the house we live in is clutterd with crap im always the one who cleans it when its the mils house. Theres no room for my son to play the house is child proof but there is alot of medication about of the mil n fil n i always have to move them up to a high place. How can i deal with this im so open with them yet they find the need to stir crap up i dont know weather its because they am losing the cleaner or there 80 a month rent. I thought they would be supportive and my bf is a proper mummys boy she wil get to him and this is the first sign he has given me thats he is excited to move.


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Congratulations on getting your own place. I know you've been wanting that for ages.

Ignore the bitterness and possible jealousy of your in-laws. They're going to have to learn to clean up after themselves, while you enjoy your own space with your own rules. I'm sure your bf will be fine. Are you moving nearby? I'm sure he can still visit her when he wants.

I'm really pleased for you.

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if he is excited to move then build on that momentum and get the hell out ASAP.

A home with medication laying around is far from child proof. A home where you are being whispered about behind your back, is not a comfortable one.

Get your new place and enjoy the independance and freedoms that come along with it. Along with the expectation of being respected in your home, and the option to leave theirs when need be !


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yes sarah the next town i told them the street names ive shown them a photo the fil used to live round there when he was little its the mil n sil who has the problem

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I say live your own life with just you and your bf. Wait did you say your bf is a Mommys boy, usually its never a good idea. I would although sit down with him and tell him your wants and your needs. He wouldnt like it probably if the tables were turned.

This may be something to think about (if bf doesnt want to be apart from his mother) he needs to consider BOTH of your feelings, if MIL is putting you down, and she lived somewhere else, I wouldnt go and my dh would then tell him mom , if you can't be quiet and not talk about my wife /gf etc, then this will prevent me from coming over. if MIL can't control herself, she could lose her son and the benefit of your accompany

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