1 year old has never slept through the night!


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Christy - posted on 02/12/2012




Both my kids were about 14 months old before they slept thru the night. Don't fret it will happen soon enough!

[deleted account]

My twin girls slept 12 hours at 6 months... for a month. Then they were up once or twice a night til 14 months.

My son, on the other hand, pretty much never slept longer than 4 hours til he was almost a year and half and only slept through the night (10-11 hours) a few random times until he was 2.

Every kid is different and w/out any more details.... that's all I've got.

Stifler's - posted on 02/12/2012




What do you mean by never slept through as in wakes every 3-4 hours or he doesn't sleep 12 hours a night in a row?

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