Help! My 10 year old daughter keeps lying.

Angela - posted on 05/27/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




After 5 years of begging for a kitten I finally caved and bought my 10 year old daughter one for Christmas 2014. Shortly after the sneezing started and she developed itchy feet if she walks on the floor with out socks on. A quick trip to the allergist and an everyday use of an over-the-counter chewable allergy tablet solved the problem. Short story right? If only things were that simple.
I discovered the she was hiding the tablets around the house so she didn't have to take them. This was quickly confronted and what I thought was resolved. However, I found them again stuffed under tissues or in her jean pockets. Confronting the situation again I informed her the tablets were not a punishment but what she needed to do if she wished to keep the kitten around. She agreed to take the tablets (one twice a day) and if she failed to do so that we would have to get rid of the kitten for her own health as well as to prevent any lying from occurring over and over again (she would take the tablet out of the case show me the tablet on her tongue and then remove it after she was out of my sight).
It's been 3 months and the tablets have started popping up again. I reminded her of her previous promise to take the tablets or to surrender the cat. As expected the water works started and another promise to take the tablets was given. I told her it was to late for promises and the lying was unacceptable, the cat must go.
Now I feel riddled with guilt. She is an only child and I'm a single mom. The cat is like a play companion to her and I feel awful at the thought of getting rid of it. I've grown attached to the cat myself and rather like having her around. But I've already said that she has to go because of the continual lying about the tablets.
What do I do? I don't want to cave and have my daughter think that with some crying and promise after promise that mommy will just do what she wants.
Anyone have some good advice?
Thank you everyone.


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follow through. Get rid of the cat. Until your daughter understands that she needs to take her necessary allergy meds, don't give in.

Guest - posted on 05/28/2014




Why does she not want to take the tablets? If she is putting them on her tongue for you, I don't think it is as simple as just not liking the taste. Perhaps there is a side effect that is bothering her--maybe it makes her feel groggy or jumpy or nervous, etc. Ask her why she doesn't want to take them then talk with her doctor about other medications that might work.

I agree that you should probably give the cat a new home because you did say that would be the consequence, but if you haven't really explored the reasons behind her refusing the tablets, you could explain that you will allow one more chance because you now have a new and different solution for taking the tablets, but also explain that if she is not going to take the tablets or feels uncomfortable on them, she needs to tell you, not hide the tablets. If you find another tablet, even just one, the cat goes.

If you do know why she isn't taking the medicine, and you've tried to address that problem without success, you should just get the cat to a new home.

Michelle - posted on 05/28/2014




You need to get rid of the cat because that was the consequence of not taking her tablets. You have to follow through with your threats or she will just keep going.

Let her know that she then needs to earn your trust again. Tell her you will be checking up on everything she tells you and if you find he lying there will more consequences. You need to be tough now or she will be walking all over you in a couple of years.


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