Help my 10 yr old daugther knows healthy eating but wont follow it.

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Ok I may be quite late in askig for help and it maybe to late to do anything.
My daughter is 10 years old and when she was 4 I had to put a lock on the kitchen door. I am a sleeper I love my sleep and when she was a baby I obviously got up with her but I never got used to early mornings, unfortunately she has never needed a lot of sleep and is always up early.
Now a lock may sound extreme but when she was 4 we had to move into a flat (Sheltered accomodation) and that meant no need for a stair gate but also meant instant access to the kitchen. She started helping herself to anything she could reach, Including sugar straight from the sugar bowl. So on the lock went, given the amount of stairs we had to get to our flat when we moved into our current home there was again no need for a stair gate but she continued to help herself, sugar, icing, frozen fishfingers!!! I kid you not. Because she could get down the stairs without my help she would sneek down without waking me so I would have know idea what she was doing which scared me, now while most parents would be up before their children I have never been a morning person and she would wake up as early as 5:30 but usually about 6ish and my alarm is set for 7 and I struggle at that.
New lock on the living room door, as I couldn't get one on the kitchen and I thought it might encourage her to go back to bed if she couldn't get to the tv. WRONG. She is very smart my daugther, forget going back to bed I'm going to get mummy's videos that are on the book shelf on the landing and stand on them to unlock the lock!!! I stopped buying biscuts, crisps and the like, I also stopped buying fish fingers and Linda McCartney sausages :/. but the sugar bowl, hot chocolate powder, and ready to roll icing would still be there (I make cakes so occassionally there is the need to have the icing in the house). And it has been the same every since unless I get up before her Near impossible she will eat double the amount of cereal she should have plus a yoghurt plus anything else she fancys. 2years ago I made a three teir wedding cake and when it came to delivery I had to take my girl with me (single mum did I mention?) so I got her in the car along with the cake (in a cake box) and forgot something from the house, (now she had been told this is someones wedding cake it is very important and you don't touch!) half way there i lifted the lid to check it hadn't fallen and was ok to notice she had pinched off some of the icing!!!! I was furious I had been paid to make this cake and she had ruined it!! I confronted her and her reply?? Well you know I can't help myself you shouldn't have left me alone with it!
I know it's long if you have read it all thank you any suggestions welcome, she is ten now and the odd eating has mostly stopped but she still sneeks food, and I actually caught her stealing pick and mix a few weeks ago when I said she could have £1's worth and what she had was over so instead of putting it back or asking if she can have it she stuffed it in her mouth this needs to stop but I don't know what else I can do I'm stuck. Help!


Jennifer - posted on 09/07/2011




This may sound completely left field, but I would suggest counseling. It sounds like she is using food to do more than nourish her body. It honestly sounds like comfort eating. Maybe counseling could get to the root of the problem.

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