Help My 10yr old is very Irresponsible and Immature.

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I am in need of ways to help my 10yr old daughter mature and become responsible. I have tried almost everything from getting a pet for her to allowing her to cook certain dishes by herself, but none of it seems to work. She can care less about a schedule or how she looks or smell for that matter. Her room is always a mess and the quality of her school work is as she can care less. (even if i make her redo the work.) she intentionally aggravates and sometimes hit or push her younger sister. I try not to become overwhelmed or frustrated because she also has ADHD but thats hard to do considering i also have a 2yr old daughter and my husband is currently deployed. I also work and go to school. Im at the end of my rope! and i dont want to give up on her but the only thing i can think of is sending her to an all girl etiquette school or something. And because we are a christian family, i make sure we attend church, pray and read the bible together. i also make sure i pray and confess the word of God over her life. But im looking for some practical activities that will help her become a little more mature. Thanks in advance for your response. :-)


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If you are a Christian... maybe you will like John Rosemond's approach. Check out his book 'The Well-Behaved Child' for some ideas. It's worth a shot if you are at the end of your rope. ;)

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She's 10. At 10, they are not adults, nor should we expect them to be.

Patience, repetition, LOVE, prayer, and repeat.

I know you're at your wit's end. It's tough sometimes! But sending her off will not help your situation, and she'll see it as you're getting rid of her. Not ok ;-)

Start small, stay patient. She won't be perfect by any means. So make sure you praise the effort as well as the result. A lot of what you're seeing is also her frustration at her dad being deployed...try to keep that in mind. She's dealing with the same feelings/emotions that you are, only on the daughter level.

On a side note, a huge THANK YOU to you, your family, and your husband for his service!

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