HELP, my 13 month old wont sleep through the night anymore!!

Yari - posted on 11/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 13 month old started sleeping through the night when he was 8 months old. it was great down at 830 up at 7. and a week before his birthday he would wake up 3-4 times. we would go in his room pick him up from his crib, rock him, let him fall asleep and then place him back in his crib. sleep for us got scare. 2 weeks ago around the time he started walking, he would wake up and we would follow the routine except when he felt up place him in his crib he would scream bloody murder. and now he wont sleep unless we hold him or in bed with us. is it time to just let him cry it out? did this happen to you? How did you fix this? we already tried the pack n play in our room. didnt work. when he wakes up he is not wet or hungry. Thanks


Holly - posted on 11/02/2012




13 months old is old enough to let them cry it out. but do it the proper way, don't just leave them in there with the door closed all night crying. go in, check to make sure he isn't hurt, or wet or dirty every 5- 10 minutes if he continues to cry... my kids never got past 5 minutes of crying... also take him to a doctor to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection... my daughters would only wake up at night if they had an ear infection or was teething... so giving them tylenol or motrin right before bed fixed that.

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