Help my 13month old daughter wont sleep, Sophie goes down at 7 every night no problem but then she's waking between 11 and 2 and won't go back to sleep she's wanting to cuddle and sleep with me which is weird i've never taken her in my bed so i don't know how she thought to start wanting to :( if anyone has any advice that would be great my HV wants me to go to a sleep clinic but i don't think its necessary, i've tried putting her down later she just gets up earlier, she was a great sleeper up till now rarely had to get up to feed her when she was little too, i just have no idea what to do i put a tele in her room thinking she might watch it and go back to sleep but nope that didn't work either, been to the docters and theres nothing wrong,the hard part is shes waking up happy wanting to play i've tried leaving her to cry but she gets herself in such a state im also in a block of flats :( and help/ advie you can give would be great thank you :)


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kids go through stages like this all the time both my kids have when I first had my daughter right up until 8 months old she'd go to sleep right on 9 o clock pretty well sleep through wake up from time to time for feed and what not. Then she starting becoming a night owl. Point is there's nothing wrong with her it's just a stage. Even though you may not have taken you to bed with her she wants that comfort. Right now she's going through a bit of separation anxiety where she just wants you. Both mine have. I couldn't even go to the toilet at one stage without him screaming.

I'd suggest when she wakes a drink and a nappy change. Then just take her with you to cuddle until she falls asleep and then put her in her own bed gently. Otherwise not much else you can do.

I wouldn't suggest the tv at night time believe me. It's seems like a good idea at the time just to get some rest. My partner did that with my son when I was pregnant with the second. I wish I'd never introduced the bloody thing excuse the language. I don't mind it during the day for a little while just so I can get stuff done. But I wouldn't suggest it for night time.

If you have to get a decent night light and a small cd player or something and play some baby classical music or something a lot more soothing.

Good luck :)


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well thats what i was thinking lol thanks for your help :) ive tryed putting her back down but she just wakes up again hopefully this stage wont last long :) how long did it last with your children? if you dont mind me asking lol x

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