help my 14 yr old daughter refuses to get up and go to school everyday.her grades are good but she hates it there and says she has no friends and she has grown up here. her grandmother died 2 years ago and she went to counseling after that it seemed to help but now shes depressed again and uses this as an excuse idk what to do shes going to fail and it doesnt seem to matter. we have tried grounding her and taking everything away its very upsetting and the whole house is in turmoil because of her actions. she started an anti bullying thing at school and shes not even there to run it i was so proud of her.she doesnt see how it upsets everyone here she just cares about herself im at wits end!


Michelle1544 - posted on 11/01/2012




Well at 14 the brain is not developed and they do only care about themselves - That's normal.

I would sit down and lay out the grounds rules - like , you have to get up for school or you will be going to bed an hour earlier ( or whatever) - and they I would follow through.

Also maybe try spending some one on one time with her to discuss her feelings and some ways that might help her to cope in a positive way.

Also consider doing some volunteer work with her to help her develop some "the world is bigger then me .." thinking. This would also give you the opportunity to help her with learning about interacting with others.

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