Help! My 15 month old son refuses to eat!!

Valerie - posted on 04/26/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




We are having a hard time getting my son to eat food! He eats great at day care, finishing everything they put in front of him, but refuses to eat much at home. He loves snack type foods (cheese sticks, cheerios, crackers) and veggies such as soft carrots and corn but that is IT!. He does drink plenty of water and milk. He is a bit underweight for his age so the Dr. recommended Pediasure to supplement his diet but I'm wondering if that is filling him up too quickly. Should I even be worried about this in the first place? We keep offering him a variety of foods but we all end up frustrated in the end. I've stopped letting him have snacks within 2 hours of meal times; I've stopped giving snacks totally; I've let him try to feed himself; I've praised him when he takes even just bite...I just need help in getting him to eat a well balanced meal, any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated!


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Deepti - posted on 04/27/2011




may be you need to change your way of feeding him... try this, sit along with him and eat something meant for him and show ur happiness but do not ask him... he may show interest or may be u can leave the plate there with him and go away and ask him not to eat your fav dish... he may be tempted to eat it...

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Valerie - posted on 04/27/2011




Thank you so much for that reassurance! I really do hope this particular phase passes by quickly :-)

Stevie - posted on 04/27/2011




You do not need to worry! We constantly deal with a snacker/picky meal eater and the hardest part of it she had 20" of her upper/lower intestines removed at birth so we deal with malabsorbtion/low weight issues.

We limit her liquids around meal time especially dietary supplement drinks! They taste so good and they are very filling. I let her snack as much as she wants but I mix it up a bit to get that extra fruit or healthy snack - her snack of choice is Cheeto puffs. At times I do Gerber toddler meals and I let her pick it. When she does she eats a ton! When I pick for her she generally won't do anything beyond one bite. I even offer her baby food.

Developmentally your son is at an age where he remembers what is good and is asserting his independence.

All in all, just make the foods he does he count! Good luck and be patient I heard its a phase!

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